We are Do-FOSS, the initiative for the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) by the City of Dortmund.

Our Thoughts

Transparency needs Free Software
Trust needs Free Software
Self-determination needs Free Software
Competition needs Free Software
Synergy needs Free Software

Dortmund needs Free Software

Our Goal

In the years 2017-2022 the City of Dortmund is developing the Masterplan Digital Dortmund. For this purpose, the city organizes a dialogue with its citizens and has incorporated the subject of Free Software. Do-FOSS accompanies the development of the Masterplan with the advantages of Free and Open Source Software as well as Open Standards. Free Software is actually free, which means its property is not restricted to anyone. It is common property belonging to everyone.

Do-FOSS is committed to software in the interest of public welfare and a digital city for everyone!


Unfortunately, there is no English version of this site. You could use the service of your choice (Google Translate does a good job) to get an automatic translation. Feel free to contact us at kontakt@do-foss.de if you have any further questions.